Friday, June 1, 2012

cute craft stickers

We have added a variety of cute sticker packs to our shop.  Available in different designs, these decoration stickers are great for embellishing your scrapbooks, cards, diaries, gifts, etc.  You can even create fun unique craft projects with these stickers!  The sky's the limit with your creative imagination!

We have the Yomi Yomi decoration sticker pack - this pack of 8 sticker sheets comes packaged in a cute Matryoshka folder.  After you have used up your sticker sheets you can also use the folder to keep small notes.  The sticker sheets comes in lots of colorful themes such as cute desserts, animals, faces, etc.
Yomi Yomi Decoration Sticker Pack

Our deco vintage sticker pack is filled with assorted floral designs, dots, checkered patterns, and shapes.  This 6 sheet pack includes both pvc and paper stickers.  Use the stickers to label your notebooks, planners, or even create unique gift cards!

Deco Vintage Sticker Pack

If you are looking for waterproof stickers, try out our drinky doll and cat stickers with super cute designs.  There are 2 sheets in the pack.  You can decorate your albums, cds, or even mugs`with these stickers! 
Drinky Doll and Cat Stickers

To see lots more sticker designs visit our shop!