Monday, March 26, 2012

New cute accessories and stationery

We have stocked lots of new accessories and notebook planners in our shop.  For those who enjoy collecting kawaii notebook planners, we have Cookies Girl and Pony Brown from Korea.  All in adorable colorful styles and sizes!  Best of all they're also great for writing in your daily plans and notes.

Pony Brown notebook planner - pink

Pony Brown notebook planner - ivory

Cookies Girl mini kawaii notebook planner

Easter holidays are coming round the corner.  Are you going on a trip?  These luggage tags could come in handy and also add some extra cuteness to your bags!  Label your bags with our kawaii round luggage tag pack or Hello Kitty tags

Kawaii round luggage tags (top), Hello Kitty bag tags (bottom)

Also just in are adorable Prince & Princess hand straps.  Easily attach the wrist straps to your mobile phones or cameras for added uniqueness.  For those who get irritated with messy cords, our colorful cable cord winder would be perfect for you.  They are not only cute, but also very useful.  You can wrap usb cords or other types of cords neatly with this super cute cord winder.

Prince & Princess mobile camera hand straps (top),
Usb / earphone cable cord winder (bottom)

What types of accessories do you use frequently?  Share with us!