Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Starscastle Bags Sale!

Starscastle Bags Sale has just started!  For one week only, head on over to our shop to pick up your favorite styles.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starscastle Wallets/Purses Sale On!

Head on over to our shop to enjoy special discounts on all our Wallets & Purses for one week only!    If you're looking for colorful funky wallets or cute purses see all the styles available in our shop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cool Wallets and Pouches

New styles of wallets and pouches are available in our shop now.  We have also restocked lots of the popular styles and colors that have been sold out.  Our line of wallets and pouches are in bright fun colors.  Easily mix and match them with your bags and best of all, with their striking colors they'll be hard to misplace!  See some of the wallet and pouch styles below and for more colors don't forget to drop by our shop.


Wallets and Purses

Friday, June 1, 2012

cute craft stickers

We have added a variety of cute sticker packs to our shop.  Available in different designs, these decoration stickers are great for embellishing your scrapbooks, cards, diaries, gifts, etc.  You can even create fun unique craft projects with these stickers!  The sky's the limit with your creative imagination!

We have the Yomi Yomi decoration sticker pack - this pack of 8 sticker sheets comes packaged in a cute Matryoshka folder.  After you have used up your sticker sheets you can also use the folder to keep small notes.  The sticker sheets comes in lots of colorful themes such as cute desserts, animals, faces, etc.
Yomi Yomi Decoration Sticker Pack

Our deco vintage sticker pack is filled with assorted floral designs, dots, checkered patterns, and shapes.  This 6 sheet pack includes both pvc and paper stickers.  Use the stickers to label your notebooks, planners, or even create unique gift cards!

Deco Vintage Sticker Pack

If you are looking for waterproof stickers, try out our drinky doll and cat stickers with super cute designs.  There are 2 sheets in the pack.  You can decorate your albums, cds, or even mugs`with these stickers! 
Drinky Doll and Cat Stickers

To see lots more sticker designs visit our shop!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

handy pouches

Looking for a handy pouch to carry around?  Stand out with these cute rabbit drawstring pouches available in black or white.

White Rabbit Drawstring Bag Pouch

Black Ninja Rabbit Drawstring Pouch

Monday, March 26, 2012

New cute accessories and stationery

We have stocked lots of new accessories and notebook planners in our shop.  For those who enjoy collecting kawaii notebook planners, we have Cookies Girl and Pony Brown from Korea.  All in adorable colorful styles and sizes!  Best of all they're also great for writing in your daily plans and notes.

Pony Brown notebook planner - pink

Pony Brown notebook planner - ivory

Cookies Girl mini kawaii notebook planner

Easter holidays are coming round the corner.  Are you going on a trip?  These luggage tags could come in handy and also add some extra cuteness to your bags!  Label your bags with our kawaii round luggage tag pack or Hello Kitty tags

Kawaii round luggage tags (top), Hello Kitty bag tags (bottom)

Also just in are adorable Prince & Princess hand straps.  Easily attach the wrist straps to your mobile phones or cameras for added uniqueness.  For those who get irritated with messy cords, our colorful cable cord winder would be perfect for you.  They are not only cute, but also very useful.  You can wrap usb cords or other types of cords neatly with this super cute cord winder.

Prince & Princess mobile camera hand straps (top),
Usb / earphone cable cord winder (bottom)

What types of accessories do you use frequently?  Share with us!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine's gift ideas

From cute stationery to adorable fashion jewelry, show your love this Valentine's Day with some of the popular hearts themed gifts we've picked out especially for you. 

 (Clockwise from top left) Mini Factory Love Sticker Sheet,  

(Clockwise from top left) Bronze Heart Pendant Necklace

Visit Starscastle shop for lots more cute gifts!  What type of gifts have you received or given for Valentine's day?  Share with us :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012